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In tribute to the tenth yahrzeit of Binyamin (Barry) Ross OBM, and as continuing zechus for R’ Binyomin Yitzchak ben Meir z”l, the Ross family is sponsoring a free class every week for the entire year.

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  • Simchas Torah 2015 – The Wealth of True Joy
  • Sukkos – The Greatest Avodah of the Year
  • Noach -The Difference between Noach and Avraham
  • Lech Lecha – Promise of Potential
  • Vayeira – Putting Each Other First
  • Chayei Sarah – An Eternal Vision
  • Toldos – The Reality of Yaakov’s Deception
  • Vayeitzei – Creating the House of God
  • Vayishlach – Giving a Clear Message
  • A Sons Devotion – Vayeishev
  • Creating a Unified Society – Mikeitz/Chanukah noah
  • When a Person’s In Pain – Vayigash
  • Give the Right Respect, Today! – Vayechi
  • Pawns of History – Shemos